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Abacus Market is an online darknet marketplace, founded in late 2021.

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About Abacus Market

The official website of Abacus Darknet Market, this website was created by the Abacus Team to distribute trust onion links and URLs and publish articles about Abacus Market.

The content of this page is our first story about what the Abacus Market is, it contains an overview of the market, a story about all its features and advantages, and in one part of the review we will tell about some of our plans for the future, according to which the Abacus Market will develop.

It is important to mention that if you are a refugee from AlphaBay Market, World Market, Dark0de Market, White House Market, Cannazon Market and Cannahome Market, there are concessions in relation to you in obtaining a vendor account and promoting your listing, for refugees from the ranks of buyers in these markets, a significant plus on Abacus Market will be that they will be able to to find all the suppliers from whom they prefer to purchase products.

Spread information about this site among the darknet markets community, it is very informative and useful for familiarization, it does not matter who the readers are - a buyer, a seller or even a journalist, here you can find a lot of interesting things and answers to important general questions, and our articles publish simple instructions on how to properly interact with Abacus Market. We hope for your attention!

* The content of this review is intended solely for educational purposes.

We have not verified the legality of merchants on the Abacus Marketplace.

Any use of this information not for educational purposes may entail legal prosecution and financial losses, for which the author of this review is not responsible.

Market Analysis

Abacus Market

Vice City Market

Archetyp Market

Number of Listings 16,614 9,547 6,217
Active Vendors 1,765 1,138 1,062
Cryptocurrency BTC/XMR BTC XMR
Commission Free 5% 5% 5%

DDoS Protection

Abacus Market works with a comprehensive solution in the fight against DDOS attacks, and this brings us to the need to divide the complex solution into its component parts and describe each of the parts using a descriptive system that everyone understands.

The first component of our DDOS protection is Onionbalance, which is used to scale the bandwidth of our cluster system, so that it is clearer to you, let's look into this in more detail:

Onionbalance is the best way to load balance onion services across multiple backend Tor instances. This way the load of introduction and rendezvous requests get distributed across multiple hosts. Onionbalance provides load-balancing while also making onion services more resilient and reliable by eliminating single points-of-failure.

Onionbalance implements round-robin like load balancing on top of Tor onion services. A typical Onionbalance deployment will incorporate one management servers and multiple backend application servers.

The mechanism of operation of Onionbalance allows Abacus Market to scale the server part in the shortest possible time during massive DDoS attacks and remain in stable uptime in the long-term perspective and provide our users with access to the market even in such difficult situations caused by DDoS attacks.

The second component is a Custom Endgame Captcha, because of its complementary work in conjunction with onionbalance, Endgame is kind of one of the non-official modules for onionbalance and is very often used as a basis for working with the onionbalance system.

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

This is an Lua-Nginx Captcha that uses a queue system when processing requests, which effectively prevents CPU exhaustion as a result of massive HTTP-FLOOD attacks.

Rotational mirrors are the latest solution in the fight against DDOS attacks, which we use to maintain operability even in the most critical situations when a DDOS attack turns out to be more powerful than the protective resource of our cluster system.

Kangaroo Kicks Links is a distributor of rotational mirrors for temporary access to the Abacus Market.

Since the commissioning of the rotary mirror generation system, Abacus Market has not experienced complete downtime and is available online for anyone who can switch to LDN (kangaroolinks.to) and generate a temporary onion link for yourself, the generation process is very simple, just pass a captcha and get to a page with a signed PGP message containing the generated onion is a link, it can be used to access the market for several hours, after disabling the mirror, the generation procedure can be repeated an unlimited number of times.

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

These are far from all solutions, but these are the ones that we could talk about publicly or even about which it was necessary to tell the general public, but the conclusion can be unambiguous: we are functioning, we have uptime, and we will improve our systems to protect against ddos attacks while we have it strength and knowledge, we guarantee the users of Abacus Market that we will always find a way out of any situation.

Anti-Phishing Protection

The problem of phishing affects any darknet market, unfortunately, Abacus Market was no exception, and the scale of damage caused by phishers to our market is colossal.

Phishing became a problem for our market in the first months of its existence, even then we saw victims of phishing in our customer support service, we suffered reputational and financial damage, but due to lack of experience in combating phishing and practical knowledge, we did not have effective methods of combating phishing, unlike those that we have there is at the moment, currently we are almost completely focused on fighting phishing, and this is what we offer to Abacus Market users:

Anti-Phishing Captcha is our feature that helps in the fight against phishing attacks and is relatively new to our market, which draws the user's attention to which URL he uses to access Abacus Market in the process of solving the captcha, in order to understand what kind of captcha it is and what it is, you need to spend a little time and get acquainted with its detailed description just below:

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

The purpose of this captcha is to check whether you are using a real link to access Abacus Market or using a link to a phishing clone, this captcha works as follows - the captcha system generates unique images for each user, there are three blocks on the image - the upper one is a URL string with the Abacus Market domain, in the middle there is a text block with several lines of text that does not carry a semantic load, and at the very bottom there is a text block with a notification that the URL shown in the picture, is legal and must match the actual content of your URL string.

To solve such a captcha, it is necessary to conduct such interactions with this image as:

Check the URL displayed in the image and compare this URL with the one in your browser's address bar (The URL you are using right now to access Abacus Market). After such a check, there may be two scenarios of actions.

If BOTH URLs are the same:

The URL displayed in the image is legitimate, so if the URL you are using is the same, then you are fine with the real URL.

In such a scenario, you need to confirm to Abacus that you are using the legit URL in order for you to be allowed access.

1 – Take a look to the verification box at your left.

2 – Some characters have a Red Arrow (↑) below them just like This.

3 – Type those characters that have a Red Arrow (↑) below them in the verification filed, type them in the order you see them! from top left to bottom right!

If BOTH URLs are different:

The URL showing on the image is legit, if the URL you are using is a different one means you are using a phishing link (FAKE URL) and you should stop using it! If the URL is not same click here to open a signed message containing the legit URL.

This is a small set of actions that will help you keep your account safe and, most importantly, protect your funds from theft, remember that if you become a victim of phishing, the consequences will be irreversible for you, diligently check everything possible that could give out that you are hooked by a phisher and avoid even the possibility of getting caught to a phishing site.

Verify URL is the second function aimed at combating phishing attacks, it is not mandatory in operation, but it is recommended as a valid way to avoid risks from a potential phishing attack.

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

This function can be used by every user, regardless of whether he is logged into the account or not, in order to check the URL you are using and find out whether it matches the list of legitimate links or is alien to our system.

You can use this function on the corresponding page, which can be accessed by clicking on the "Verify URL" button placed on the top-bar, then on the page itself perform a number of actions such as: specify the URL that you use to access Abacus in the "Url to Verify" field and click on the "VERIFY URL" button.

The results of this procedure can be two.

If the URL you are checking is legit, you will be taken to a page with a signed URL that you specified for verification and a notification saying:

You are using a legit Abacus url. Still, DO NOT trust ONLY in this tool, you MUST verify the PGP signed message manually to confirm the legitimacy of a link, as reverse proxy phishing sites can alter your request.

If the URL you specified is not present in our list of legit URLs, then you will be taken to a page with a notification telling you that:

You are not using a legit Abacus url, exit inmediately from the website you are using, change your password, pin and enable PGP login after getting our legit url from our subdread /d/AbacusMarket

Thanks to this function, at least you can try your luck and check your URL and carry out a further series of actions to manually check the PGP signature and find out whether you are really using a trusted link or you should leave it immediately.

Phishing Protection is the latest solution that we have implemented into our phishing protection system at the moment, this feature is very useful, but only for some users, and we will explain why and tell you all about it.

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

This function is available only for authorized users and is part of the functionality of the user profile, it can only be used if the one who wants to use it has added a PGP key to his account in advance, this technical necessity is justified by the system of the function:

As soon as Phishing Protection is activated at the place where you could see the BTC or XMR deposit address, a PGP message encrypted for you containing the deposit address will appear and with such a protection system, this address cannot be replaced by a phisher and this guarantees that at least the funds deposited by you will arrive in our financial system, and not in phisher's pocket.

We would like to continue and list any other solutions, but we have no other effective solutions in the fight against phishing, the user notification system can be changed, the footer with links to trusted link aggregators can also be changed, and so on, all this only says that the solutions that we have at the moment, at least they can be considered reliable and which ones are worth relying on, we are working to expand our effectiveness in phishing protection and hope to release these features soon in future updates of Abacus Market.

Account Registration

Abacus Market does not bother its future users with the difficult process of registration, we prefer the traditional registration form, which is familiar to everyone who has ever passed registration on any darknet market and even to ordinary Internet users who are completely new and do not have the slightest experience.

To register an account on Abacus Market, you first need to fill out a registration form consisting of fields such as:

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Private Username – This is the username you will use to login on Abacus Market. Never tell this username to nobody at all. This username must be private and only you must know it. Remember: You will use this username to login on the market.

Public Username – This is your public username! This will be the username everyone will see.

Password – Choose a password. Important: Do not use the same password you use on other marketplaces.

Confirm – Confirm the password you want to use to make sure is correct.

PIN (6 digits) – Remember: Maximum 6 digits. Example - 123456 Important: Only numbers! Do not use letters! You will need to introduce your PIN before confirming a purchase so if your account is compromised the hacker won't be able to make purchases with your account. Do not forget this PIN and never share it with no one.

Repeat PIN – Confirm your 6 digits PIN again.

Login Phrase – This is optional. It is a phrase you will see every time you log in on the market. It is useful to let you know that you are on the real url and not in a clone. Remember this does not protect you against phishing proxy sites.

Inviter User – Optional. If some user has referred you to the market type here the referral code.

All input fields except "Invite user" are required, as soon as you fill them out, solve the captcha and click on the "Join the market" button.

If the registration process was successful, you will be redirected to the "Login to Abacus Market" page and will see a notification saying that: "Your user was created, login to confirm your account".

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

That's not all, after registering an account, our system generates a mnemonic code for each user, which acts as a secret phrase to restore access to your account, you can get this mnemonic code by making the first authorization in the account that you have registered right now.

After authorization, save the mnemonic code generated for you to any reliable place on your device and duplicate it in the "Mnemonic" input field, then click the "Continue" button to finally complete the registration process on Abacus Market.

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

I think we have justified our claims that this is a simple registration process and will not require excessive effort from you.

User Interface

The user interface of Abacus Market is based on the UI of the legendary AlphaBay Market, but does not repeat it exactly, we have worked hard to ensure that it has characteristic differences from the user interface of AlphaBay and its own layout features that make it unique and worthy of detailed consideration.

Let's start with an overview of the user interface of Abacus Market and comment on each of its components.

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Home – a button to redirect to the main page of Abacus Market.

Orders – a button to go to the page to view and manage your orders.

Messages – a button to go to the section viewing your incoming and outgoing messages.

Wallets – a button to redirect to your wallet page, where you will find the deposit address, the withdrawal form and the history of your transactions.

Profile – this is a button that will take you to your profile page, as well as sections with a slider in which you can find other buttons redirecting to sections related to your profile settings.

Support – this button will allow you to conveniently interact with your tickets, create new ones and get acquainted with ABACUS HELPDESK by getting answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Forums – a button redirecting you to the Abacus Forum.

Start Selling – by clicking on this button, you will be taken to the vendor bond payment page to receive vendor status on the Abacus Market.

Verify URL – a button for redirecting to the URL verification page in order to verify their legitimacy.

Notifications – a button to go to the section of your notifications with the ability to view and manage them.

The area directly under the top-bar is divided into 3 very important blocks:

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Navigation Status – the area located next to the top-bar is designed to display which page you are on and which path you have traveled to it (from the main page to the one you are on).

Profile Information – a very small space separated to display your avatar on the screen and the most basic information about your account and its statistics.

Notification Board – the area at the top of the main page is designed to display your personal phrase and system notifications written by the administration of Abacus Market.

There are only 3 blocks on the left side of the page, each of which must be designated:

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Quick Search – this search engine block is designed to simultaneously search for products and vendors, having a single search filter that allows you to sort products by popularity, prices, rating, and so on.

Browse Categories – a block for displaying all product categories and their subcategories, designed for quick viewing of products in categories.

Advanced Search – the block of the main search engine allows you to search for products and vendors using all available search filters on Abacus Market.

The center and lower part of the screen were allocated for 3 important blocks, we will tell you about them now, and we should also mention that there is no footer on the Abacus Market and this is the reason why it will not be mentioned:

Featured Listings – this block shows featured listings, more precisely, those listings that are classified as promoted for a fee.

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Latest News – a block for displaying news and announcements published by the administration of Abacus Market.

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Random Listings – this block is designed to display random listings from all product categories throughout the marketplace.

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Now take a look at our user interface after you have read our comments on each of the blocks and evaluated it from your side, we are sure that your assessment will be positive, which it is for the vast majority of Abacus Market users.

Security Features

Abacus Market is always focused on providing the maximum level of security for each user in a format that does not complicate the ease of interaction with our market.

Moreover, it is worth noting that we were the first to create many popular anti-phishing features that found demand in other markets, and a sign of the development of our market has always been that we added new security features, which in general have become part of a large list of secure features that we offer right now, so let's let's look at them:

URL Legitimacy Check – this is the process by which you can make sure that you are using a genuine URL and avoid the risk of using a phishing website.

2-Factor Authentication – setting up 2FA will allow you to secure your user account, so if the system finds a valid public pgp key saved in your profile it will challenge you to decrypt a message, that will contain an one time password, only after that you can log into the system. so make sure you have the private key equivalent to the public key in a secure place.

Login Phrase – this phrase is displayed in a purple notification every time you log in. This ensures that when you see this phrase, you can be sure that you are not on a phishing site.

Auto-Logout – this is a simple but convenient security feature that automatically logs you out after a couple of hours of inactivity on the website, it guarantees that no order will be placed in your absence or your account will be misused in any way.

Mnemonic Code – with this code, you can restore access to your account and change the PIN code. This code is provided immediately after registration on Abacus Market.

6 Digit Code – this is an analogue of the password used to confirm major account changes, place orders and withdraw funds.

PGP Encrypted Messages – this is a function for encrypting one-click messages in conversations between Abacus Market users.

2/3 MultiSignature Transactions – there are 3 parties involved in such a transaction: abacus staff, vendor and buyer, funds can be transferred only when 2 out of 3 parties approve the transaction.

Phishing Protection – this option disables the QR code for deposit address generated and replace it with a PGP's signed message that will contain the user deposited addres, encrypted with the user's PGP key.

We could list for a very long time absolutely all aspects that can be classified as related to the security of Abacus Market, but we will not do this, because it is not just hidden from an outside observer, but is a forced measure, since information about how the server infrastructure of our project is arranged can lead to very serious consequences, up to deanonymization.

Search Engines

At first glance, our search engine may seem suitable only for searching ads with a lot of filters allocated for the convenience of this, but it's not limited to this, you can also search for vendors, and this is a great need, at a time when a large number of markets are leaving you and you don't know where else a vendor can be with whom you prefer to conduct transactions, thanks to our search engine, you will be able to easily check its presence on the Abacus Market.

We are here to tell you in detail about the advantages of our search engine, can't wait to find out?

Basically, we assume you are interested in learning about its filtering capabilities, well, here are all the search filters and comments on them:

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Search for & Seller's name – the specified word/set of words in this field will be used to indicate that the content being searched must match the specified word or set of words, so be reasonable about which keywords you use or how correctly you spell the vendor alias in order to achieve the most productive search results.

Ships to – with this filter, the products in the search results will be sorted by the specified country to which you want to deliver the goods.

Origin country – with this filter, the goods will be sorted by the country of production and shipment of the goods.

Discard origin Worldwide? – This button is part of the functionality of the "Origin country" search filter and excludes products from the search results that do not indicate the exact country of origin.

By Category – with the help of this search filter, the boundaries are set in which the search for goods will take place, in this particular case we are talking about product categories.

Search in multiple categories. – This button is part of the functionality of the search filter "By Category" and allows you to expand the scope of categories in which the product will be searched.

Product type – this filter allows you to sort search results by product type.

Price range – this filter is for sorting search results by price range from low to high.

Order by – this search filter will allow you to sort search results by general criteria, popularity, demand, price, and so on.

Cryptocurrencies – with this filter, the products in the search results will be sorted by the currencies available for their payment.

Automatic fulfillment – this filter applies only to digital goods and allows you to sort the search results by the goods that will be delivered in automatic mode.

Multisig options – this search filter will sort the goods by payment method in this particular case by payment method implying multisignature transactions.

Bulk discounts – this search filter will allow you to sort products by the availability of discounts on them.

In stock – with this search filter, you can sort products by their presence or absence in stock.

Payment type – with the help of this search filter, you can sort the search results by the type of payment for the goods, only multisig is missing and requires using another search filter, which we described earlier.

We believe that we were able to provide our search engine with everything you need, our search engine contains absolutely all known search filters that could be found on any darknet market, be sure that you will be able to find what you are looking for with the highest possible accuracy of search queries on the Abacus Market.

Product Categories

Abacus Market is a marketplace with a relatively small number of illegal goods of almost any type, namely, we are talking about 22862 listings in the categories of physical and digital goods.

We are sure that what you are looking for, with a high probability, can be found on Abacus Market, but still keep in mind that the products you are looking for may be banned from sale on our marketplace, we will talk about such products in another section, and now we will talk about what categories of products are presented on Abacus Market and what you can find in each of them:

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Drugs & Chemicals – there are the most listings in this category, at the moment there are 15,224 unique listings.

This category is intended for sorting goods belonging to a physical type in such sub-categories: Benzos, Cannabis & Hashish, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Opioids, Paraphernalia, Prescription, Psychedelics, Steroids, Stimulants, Tobacco, Weight Loss and Other.

In this category you will find the highest quality products from trusted vendors from all over the darknet, we are working hard to ensure that this category contributes to the expansion of the shopping cart for our customers, and we confidently predict that the number of ads will soon be much larger than the current one.

Digital Products – in this category 2530 listings of digital type, we mention the fact that this category is not intended for all digital goods on the Abacus Market, some categories are also intended only for digital goods, but this category is still different from others, in it you can find digital goods intended for everything that does not have clear boundaries in the field of application.

This category will help you find digital products sorted by subcategories such as: E-Books, Erotica, Fraud Software, Game Keys, Legit Software and Other.

There are all possible digital goods in this category, even though there are subcategories in it that indicate its orientation, but in fact show that in this category you can find all kinds of goods that are not subject to sorting by subcategories.

Fraud – this category is intended for fraudsters of all stripes and is in great demand, as evidenced by the 2000 listings placed in it.

In this category, you can easily find any fraudulent products in such sub-categories as: Accounts & Bank Drops, CVV & Cards, Dumps, Personal Information & Scans and Other.

This category will help you both start your journey in a fraudulent environment and paying for training from masters of this field, and purchase their services or try your luck yourself by ordering cards or bank accounts, for a fraudster this category is a storehouse of valuable goods that will always be appreciated.

Services –

Counterfeit items – there are 162 listings in this category, the contents of this category are amazing, you can find clothes, electronics or precious jewelry in it, but these are not all types of goods that are placed in this category.

In this category, products are sorted by the following subcategories: Clothing, Electronics, Jewelry, Money, Fake IDs and Other.

If the object of your search is goods related to clothing, electronics, securities and other things, then this category is very useful for you.

Software & Malware – this category is of interest to a wide range of users, because software can be developed for anything, and it is not necessarily that it will be aimed at illegal activities, it is quite possible to find simple applications and everything like that, and in the case of malware there will be no such indulgences, this is software that is necessarily aimed at harming anything and anyone, all this creates the basis for a variety of products in this category and will satisfy everyone's demand.

In this category, the software is sorted by subcategories: Botnets & Malware, Exploits, Exploits Kits, Security Software and Other.

The best category to search for any malicious and ordinary software at the most affordable prices and from trusted vendors.

Security & Hosting – there are only 126 important listings in this category related to security, private hosting and hacker stuff.

This is a list of subcategories of products for this category to understand which products are in question: Hosting, VPN, Socks, Shells, Cpanels and Other.

It doesn't matter if you are a hacker or a person who wants to take security webinars or rent a private hosting, in any case, you will find what you are looking for here, and this is one of our advantages.

Other Listings – there are no subcategories in this category, in it you can find any goods, both physical and digital, except those that are prohibited by the rules of Abacus Market.

Abacus Market diligently attracts more and more vendors to increase the shopping basket of our users and assures each of them that the rapid growth in the number of products available for purchase is already happening right now and very soon it is possible that Abacus Market will reach the 30,000 listings mark and will stream to even larger numbers as its popularity grows.

Make a Deposit

Abacus Market allows deposits only in cryptocurrency due to the need to preserve the anonymity of the Abacus financial system and users involved in the circulation of illegally obtained funds.

Only two cryptocurrencies are available for depositing the balance, now we will list each of them and explain why this particular cryptocurrency was chosen:

The first cryptocurrency to replenish the account is Bitcoin (BTC), here is its description and features:

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first known cryptocurrency. It allows peer-to-peer exchange of values in a digital environment through the use of a decentralized protocol, cryptography and a mechanism for achieving global consensus on the state of the public registry of blockchain transactions.

Bitcoin is considered an anonymous currency because it is possible to send and receive bitcoins without providing any personal information.

The second cryptocurrency to replenish the account is Monero (XMR), here is its description and features:

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Monero (XMR) is a privacy-focused peer-to-peer digital currency, designed to be untraceable and anonymous. A transaction on the Monero blockchain can’t be linked to a particular user or real-world identity as the cryptocurrency is fungible. This term describes a currency in which every unit is identical and mutually interchangeable with every other unit of that currency. So while a Bitcoin bought from the darknet could be distinguished from a Bitcoin bought on Coinbase through blockchain transaction analysis, two separate Monero coins appear exactly the same and can’t be told apart.

Monero transactions are confidential and untraceable.

Unlike selectively transparent alternatives (e.g. Zcash), Monero is the only major cryptocurrency where every user is anonymous by default. The sender, receiver, and amount of every single transaction are hidden through the use of three important technologies: Stealth Addresses, Ring Signatures, and RingCT.

Because every transaction is private, Monero cannot be traced. This makes it a true, fungible currency. Merchants and individuals accepting Monero do not need to worry about blacklisted or tainted coins.

We do not impose restrictions on depositing funds, you can try to deposit any amount, and it will be accepted by our financial system and as a result will be displayed on the balance of your Abacus account.

For an incoming transaction, our system requests 3 confirmations, which means that if everything is stable in the blockchain network, then your money will be credited to your balance at a fast pace, even if you have not chosen the largest miner commission.

You can always withdraw money from your balance, but we will talk about this process in the next section, and if you are interested, please continue reading section by section sequentially, and you will understand everything related to Abacus Market.

Withdrawal of Funds

Abacus Market allows you to interact with your funds in their financial system at your request, which, in particular, means that you can withdraw funds yourself and not contact third parties.

For clarity, we will take a closer look at what the process of withdrawing funds from each cryptocurrency from the Abacus Market looks like from the user's side.

The withdrawal process for Bitcoin (BTC) – blockchain miners will receive a fee of BTC 0.00018000 (5.03), which will be automatically deducted from the amount you specify. The fee value is updated dynamically and frequently during the day, if you think it is a high value because there is a big congestion on the network, you can wait until it goes lower. The minimum amount you can withdraw from your Bitcoin balance is BTC 0.00071607 (20$).

Each BTC withdrawal process begins with filling out a form consisting of the following fields:

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BTC Address – this field asks you to specify the crypto address of the bitcoin wallet to which the funds should be withdrawn.

Amount – in this field, specify the amount to be withdrawn.

Six-digit PIN – in this field, contain your security PIN code.

The withdrawal process for Monero (XMR) – you can withdraw funds for a small fee of XMR 0.00308898 (0.5$), which will be automatically deducted from the amount you specify. Minimum amount you can withdraw from your Monero balance is XMR 0.06177966 (10$).

Each XMR withdrawal process begins with filling out a form consisting of the following fields:

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XMR Address – this field asks you to specify the crypto address of the monero wallet to which the funds should be withdrawn.

Amount – in this field, specify the amount to be withdrawn.

Six-digit PIN – in this field, contain your security PIN code.

The completion of the withdrawal process is identical in the two processes presented. You just need to click on the "Process Withdrawal" button, this action will send the contents of your POST request form to our financial system, and if the system has not found anything wrong with your request, you will see your withdrawal request in the transaction table at the bottom of the withdrawal page.

It is important to mention that the withdrawal of funds does not occur automatically, but requires the approval of each request manually by the administration of Abacus Market. This is justified by the fact that there are unforeseen situations associated with hacking the financial system, attempts to steal funds from our users' wallets and other things, when this system is running, each user within 24 hours after creating a request for withdrawal of funds there is an opportunity to cancel it or report any problem that needs to be fixed in your withdrawal request.

Buying a Product

The fundamental process for any trading platform is the opportunity to purchase goods, and preferably in a simple and understandable format, Abacus Market is a place where a clear and simple shopping process is available to you.

Now we will look at the checkout process, and in this case we will be able to confirm that we have a really simple checkout format that most users will like:

First of all, you need to select the product for which we will place an order, let's say that we have already selected some kind of product, for example, a physical type.

On the product page, get acquainted with its images, a short description and the main one, do not forget to pay attention to the reviews and its price, taking into account the delivery method and the quantity of goods available for sale.

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Let's mention that the type of product you order will significantly affect the ordering process, for completeness, we will consider both options for both Physical Products and Digital Products.

If this product is of the "Physical" type, then you do the following:

Select the shipping method in the "Shipping Option" by paying attention to the specified days during which the products are supposed to be delivered, and the price for this shipping method.

illustrative addition to the text content of the page

Select the quantity of product you need by specifying a number in the "QTY" field, this is the quantity that should not exceed what is displayed in the "Ends in" field, I remind you that the larger the quantity of the product you selected, the more you will have to pay for it.

To proceed to the main stage of ordering, select the currency you will pay (BTC or XMR) and click on the "BUY" button.

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You will be redirected to the "Create Order" page, where the final actions will be performed to complete the order.

You are going to purchase the above product. Before you confirm your purchase, please take note of the information about the purchase rules in this market for security reasons for both buyers and vendors.

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After familiarizing yourself with the vendor's rules and policies regarding your order, proceed to the final stage of its registration, first of all select the desired payment option from the available in the "Payment Method" field, then fill in the "Note or Shipping Address" field with the contents that should contain your address where the physical goods will be delivered, then scroll the slider a little lower to the "Purchase Item" and conduct the final interactions with its contents, namely, check the box next to "I accept vendor Policy" and enter your PIN code in the value of the "Your Pin" field.

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The only thing left for you to do next is to click on the "Purchase Now" button, thereby paying for your order and creating it.

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That's all, your order was placed in just a couple of simple steps, and you are already waiting for the delivery of your order, we believe that we justified our statement made at the beginning of this section, but what do you think?

Join Abacus Market and create your own orders, and you will be able to get your experience of interacting with our simple ordering system!

Become a Vendor

Abacus Market is focused on new vendors, regardless of work experience, if you are a beginner, we call vendor bond from you and allow you to start your business in our market, if you are already an experienced vendor and can confirm this, in this case the vendor status is free for you, but what actions need to be carried out in each of the cases? Let's analyze each of the scenarios of becoming a vendor on the Abacus market:

First of all, you need to enable 2-FA in your account before becoming a provider. After activating 2-factor authentication, click on the "Start Selling" button located in the upper panel.

Once you get to the "Vendor Account" page, take time to read the vendor rules below, and click on accept. After that, you will be able to create listings and start selling here. Be careful to acknowledge the rules, as breaching them may result in account suspension.

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These rules are written in several numbered paragraphs:

1 – FE (Finalized Early) is not permitted unless you get explicit permission later. You will get banned without refund if you ask for FE without permission.

2 – The default auto-finalize for digital orders are 48 hours and 7 days for physical orders. Still you will be able to modify default values from your vendor panel.

3 – If you get too many scam reports, we may revoke your vendor account at any time.

4 – There is a vendor bond non refundable of USD $300 (0.01122700 BTC / 1.94722529 XMR.

5 – All sellers must have a PGP key in their profile before starting to sell.

6 – Prostitution, cp, murder services, poisons and weapons are not permitted.

7 – Any dox threat will result in an immediate ban.

8 – Two-factor authentication (2FA) is mandatory for all vendors.

9 – Describe properly, do not put products in wrong cats, creating duplicates can lead to permanent bans.

10 – If you redirect users to external platforms like wickr to proceed with DD you will be permanently banned.

11 – If you wish you change your public username you must open a ticket BEFORE upgrading your account. Make sure everything is right, we do not allow changes later.

12 – You cannot upgrade your account if you already did some purchases (even if you have one unpaid or canceled orders you cannot upgrade your account). Just create a new account.

After reading the rules, you can start getting vendor status, let's first look at this process for those who will pay vendor bond:

Make sure that one of the cryptocurrencies in your wallet has an amount equal to 300 US dollars, if it is not there, deposit it, and then go back and perform actions such as – check the box next to "I have read and accept the rules mentioned above", select the currency in which you will pay and click on the "Become A vendor" button.

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If you are a reputable vendor in other market you will be able to upgrade your account automatically, you just need to add the same PGP Key that you use for other markets and do the same actions without making a deposit.

Now you are part of Abacus Market welcome aboard!

Abacus Market is an interesting new marketplace that manages to look very familiar. The developers of Abacus market claim that it was built from the ground up. Originally launching back in October of 2021, the market was quickly renamed to Abacus Market. All types of products can be found on the Abacus Market, ranging from drugs to digital goods. At the moment, the market has a little over 16,614 listings, with 2/3 of the listings being digital gods. The list is increasing monthly.

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